Recognise yourself among the boys of ’54?

Boys at 'Tyldesley School, Blackpool,  1954. 'Pete Elgee is back row third left
Boys at 'Tyldesley School, Blackpool, 1954. 'Pete Elgee is back row third left
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Does anybody recognise themselves, or “the Great Train Robber”, in this 1954 photograph of boys at Tyldesley School, Blackpool?

Asking the question is Pete Elgee, who reveals: “That’s me in the middle of the back row and my wife says I look like one of the Great Train Robbers.”

He adds: “It must be the mop of black hair!”

The photograph has a touch of “us and them” about it, according to Pete, who says: “You can tell who came from well-to-do families because they are the ones in school uniform.”

Even so, education proved to be a great leveller and Pete recalls a lot of the Tyldesley lads “did very well and got trades - I was a sheet metal worker and my wife and I ended up having our own business.”

Pete, of Common Edge Road, Marton, was telling his grandson Josh that when the pupils were in trouble at school they had a choice of punishment, either the cane or staying in after lessons to do lines, usually up to 500.

So which did Pete opt for? You might be surprised at his answer to Josh.

“I told him that I always chose the cane so I could go and play football in the back streets after school.”

Anyone who recognises themselves can contact Pete on (01253) 313651.

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