Memory Lane: Triple car celebration

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THERE is going to be a one-off triple celebration this Sunday of perhaps the UK’s best loved specialist sports car marques.

Visitors to the Lakeland Motor Museum at Backbarrow will be able to witness the TVR Car Club marking the 40th anniversary of TVR’s flagship M-series cars, built here on the Fylde coast.

This will be in company with the second TVR ever built by company founder, the late Trevor Wilkinson, registered 60 years ago and now an exhibit in the museum.

Also being marked will be the 30th anniversary of the wedge-shape TVR 350i.

A line-up of dozens of these models, from the Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Cheshire TVR Car Club regions will be on display all day in a dedicated area alongside the museum.

Former company owner Martin Lilley, who created the M-series cars, one of TVR’s most successful models, will be present, together with other former factory employees who worked in the Bristol Avenue, Bispham factory.

Event organiser and TVR Car Club member John Bailie, of Poulton said: “This is a unique opportunity for visitors to the museum to see these magnificent motor cars in a fantastic setting and to meet some interesting personalities who made the Blackpool company such a success during 1970s, one of the most significant periods in the firm’s history.”

In addition to M-series and 350i, star cars on display will include a full race TVR Tuscan in Gulf Racing colours, a TVR Tasmin with 750bhp NASCAR spec engine and TVR Sagaris, one of the most recent models produced by the Blackpool factory before it closed a few years ago.

Car “number two” was built by Trevor (TVR) Wilkinson, in 1949, two years after he founded a small garage in his home town of Blackpool, called Trevcar Motors.

The museum’s managing director Edwin Maher, who lives in Staining, says: “This is the most important surviving part of TVR history. It was a small company established in Blackpool, that went on to produce stunning models favoured by many famous, discerning and enthusiastic buyers, looking for value and exceptional performance combined with stunning looks.”

The car is actually the second to have been built by Trevor Wilkinson, with the first being damaged in an accident, dismantled and then the reusable components being incorporated within car number three.

Edwin says: “The original number plate, FFV 62, has been retained and the log book details the date of first registration, as being June 3,1952. It was built as one of a series of specials which eventually led to the launch of a glassfibre bodied kitcar in 1954, followed by the first TVR series production model, the fabulous 1958


This world famous example of British ingenuity is now on public display at the museum, a welcome addition to an already impressive array of many other veteran, vintage and classic marques, including motorcycles, plus automobilia, in state-of-the-art riverside premises. There are some 30,000 exhibits, carefully assembled over a period of almost 50 years. Hit or ring (015395) 30400 for details.