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Roseacre School class 7, 1967
Roseacre School class 7, 1967
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This was Class 7 in the summer of 1967 at Roseacre Infants, South Shore and Nigel Jurgens, who shares the photograph, says: “Our teacher was Mrs Sanderson, though she’s not on the picture.

I also remember the headmistress, Miss Chadwick, and Mrs Bowley, who was school secretary and whose son, Mark, is on this picture.”

Nigel says: “Frightening to think some of these children will now be grandparents and may even have grandchildren at Roseacre Infants.

“I moved from Manchester the previous year, just after England won the World Cup. I was only seven and not allowed chewing or bubble gum after I sat in some and my mother had a job and a half trying to get it off my trousers. The limit of my adventures at that time was finding the wheels off an old pram and making a go-kart, or pushing a garden rake through a hole in the shed wall and becoming Troy Tempest (of Stingray fame) for the afternoon.”

Nigel says: “The kids of today don’t know what they’re missing sat in front of their PlayStations and Xboxes. We spent most of our time outside, which probably explains my shoes which had plenty of ventilation! I am on front right and can still name most of the people, and some of them are my Facebook friends – although they may not be after they see this.

“My abiding memories of Roseacre Infants are green custard and Manchester Tart for pudding, and singing All Things Bright And Beautiful in assembly.

“1967 was The Summer of Love, though I doubt any of us would have realised that. I certainly didn’t, I was more interested in Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and The Monkees.”